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„ SU JOK METHOD – “-uses that arm and leg is a whole series of posts, which reflects the status of the organs of the body and when the functions of the authority is to change the sensitivity in the projection area on the body. These micro-systems and produce on a small area of the entire clinical picture of symptomatický. This is a simplified Diagnostics and therapy. Treatment of these places pressure massage or by using the pelyňkových moxů, maintains the balance of the organism.

The name of the massage time the price of the massage
Su-jok – Hangul method 30 minutes 450 CZK


What is the result of massages:

the gradual relaxation and improvement of the physical, mental and energy levels

Massage is one of the oldest and most natural treatments

Charles Jungmann-Masseur (Alliance of masseurs at hand of health of the Czech Republic)

Delete problems with Eastern methods:

  • The blockade of the entire spine
  • Pinching of the nerves in the area of the chest
  • Joint problems
  • Migraines and headaches

  • Stress, depression, nervousness, fear
  • Emotional blocks


Charles Jungmann
(medical masseur)
Massage, and regeneration services

TAX ID #: 70392242

+ 420 603 755 256

I'm a member of:

The Alliance of masseurs at hand of health of the CZECH REPUBLIC

AMZ the CZECH REPUBLIC's civil associations registered with the Ministry of Interior of the CZECH REPUBLIC.