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Masseur Karel Jungman-úvěr and massage
Limousine hire luxury limousines, Brno-in Brno and surroundings
You're going to a wedding? We will rent a car and driver and you will be able to enjoy a unique day. The Celebration? Party? Luxury transportation? You're right!
Yes, in the US is a saloon car almost commonplace as a wedding car, convenient means of transport on long trips or party-car. This custom spread to Europe and is no longer the exception, if you meet a wedding limo with us. There are many opportunities where you can make use of this car. For us, nothing is impossible. Please contact us with your requirement and you'll see.
Advertising agents and advertising agencies from the Czech Republic
Advertising agency and advertising agents, the best from all over the Czech Republic in one place. Each helps in his field. Advertising for the company and for the individuals. Advertising items and gifts, Internet advertising, print, radio, outdoor, posters, media advertising. Services for small businesses and large corporations. Select each.
Internet shop, E shop AAAobchod
Internet shopping centre. Thousands of items, quality support, top quality services.
Submersible pumps ALFApumpy
ALFApumpy-submersible pumps and domestic water supply from the English manufacturer. Catalog ponorna-cerpadla. cz contains the vibratory pump Ruche, pressure pumps, sludge pumps. Domestic water supply to the samonosávacím pump, pressure vessels, or vodáren systems without the stack for a vibrating pump.
Manual car wash Olomouc
Manual car wash in Olomouc, tepecírunku, cleaning, upholstery, interior of the vehicle. Manual cleaning and treatment, polishing, and claims the body, cleaning of the wheels and the engine. Complete cleaning and washing of vehicles.
Shredders waste W:M
Crushers of catering waste Waste: Master now guaranteed for 3 years. Your kitchen already forever without the smell from the remnants of food. Garbage disposers in several vykonostních categories, partial or full soundproofing increases user in comfort. Air switch for easy and secure entry into operation. Free of charge to each grinders univerzalní Assistant Mr. scrappy.

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What is the result of massages:

the gradual relaxation and improvement of the physical, mental and energy levels

Massage is one of the oldest and most natural treatments

Charles Jungmann-Masseur (Alliance of masseurs at hand of health of the Czech Republic)

Delete problems with Eastern methods:

  • The blockade of the entire spine
  • Pinching of the nerves in the area of the chest
  • Joint problems
  • Migraines and headaches

  • Stress, depression, nervousness, fear
  • Emotional blocks


Charles Jungmann
(medical masseur)
Massage, and regeneration services

TAX ID #: 70392242

+ 420 603 755 256

I'm a member of:

The Alliance of masseurs at hand of health of the CZECH REPUBLIC

AMZ the CZECH REPUBLIC's civil associations registered with the Ministry of Interior of the CZECH REPUBLIC.