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Manual lymphatic drainage

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Manual lymphatic drainage It is gentle massage technique, its aim is to improve the quality of the lymphatic circulation. Lymph is a fluid in which lymphocytes, white blood cells, produce antibodies. The correct function of the lymphatic system plays a decisive role in the proper functioning of the immune defence system of the organism. Preventive-body lymphatic drainage lies in the gentle massaging of all key points of the lymphatic system. This is to prevent the accumulation of waste substances, the organism is better to clean the body nefarmakologicky reinforced.

The name of the massage time the price of the massage
Manual lymphatic drainage –, focusing on the ododlnost vaccine, angině, breathing cevní system 60 minutes 1200 Usd
Manual lymphatic drainage – figure, ceulitida (DISCOUNT) 60 minutes 1800 Czk

Manual lymphatic drainage

What is the result of massages:

the gradual relaxation and improvement of the physical, mental and energy levels

Massage is one of the oldest and most natural treatments

Charles Jungmann-Masseur (Alliance of masseurs at hand of health of the Czech Republic)

Delete problems with Eastern methods:

  • The blockade of the entire spine
  • Pinching of the nerves in the area of the chest
  • Joint problems
  • Migraines and headaches

  • Stress, depression, nervousness, fear
  • Emotional blocks


Charles Jungmann
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