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The Essence Of The Magnetoterapie lies in the fact that the – effect of pulsního of the magnetic field is to influence tissue (increasing the permeability mezibuněčných membranes) of the human body. This may lead To the Suppression of, where appropriate, the complete elimination of certain health problems

  • painful limitation of muscle activity
  • pain on the cross
  • arthrosa hip, knee joint, small joints
  • States after the blood výronech in joints
  • reduction of muscle strength and muscle volume
  • odvápnění bones (osteroporóza)
  • inflammation in the muscles of the shoulder joint
  • the facial sinuses
  • stiff shoulder
  • changes to the chrupavkách joint
  • spur root bone
  • athlete and tennis elbow
  • migraine
  • paradenthosa
  • polio nerves of limbs
  • The disease ankylosing
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • nutritional disorders of the bones (aseptic necrosis) in children and adolescents

Price list magnetoterapie


The name of the massage time the price of the massage
Magnetoterapie 20 minutes 250 CZK
Magnetoterapie 40 minutes 450 CZK


MagnetoterapiePulse magnetic fields induce weak electric currents in the exposed tissue. This means that it is a kind of elektroléčebné procedures, which has major advantages in that it is not possible to local damage to the electricity supply, as in the case of direct contact electromedical methods. Magnetic field lies exposed tissues equally, i.e.. each cell. Ions, which are contained in cells and in dioxide systems are magnetically influenced by, which causes the activation of each cell. It is known that in various diseases of the amending surface potentials of cells in the organism compared to normal values. Rise to increase throughput mezibuněčných membranes and therefore to increased oxidization, Cap refill, the supply of nutrients and a better evacuation of evacuation in exposed an irritant.

NEPROVÁDÍM: The increased activity of the thyroid gland; influenza; bleeding States; disorders of the brain; plísňovém diseases; in pregnancy and in patients with kardiostimulátorem.

What is the result of massages:

the gradual relaxation and improvement of the physical, mental and energy levels

Massage is one of the oldest and most natural treatments

Charles Jungmann-Masseur (Alliance of masseurs at hand of health of the Czech Republic)

Delete problems with Eastern methods:

  • The blockade of the entire spine
  • Pinching of the nerves in the area of the chest
  • Joint problems
  • Migraines and headaches

  • Stress, depression, nervousness, fear
  • Emotional blocks


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