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Detoxication of the organism apparatus Mary Staggs Points Detox

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Mary Staggs Points Detox

Mary Staggs Points Detox

Mary Staggs Points Detox – Revolutionary method of detoxication of the organism to the consolidation of your health.

What are the most frequently asked questions on the detoxification of the organism with Dr. Mary Staggs, putting clients?

What is the main contribution of this method?

This method activates the natural in the human organism, autodetoxikační system and enables him to unwind and restore basic energy levels. Detox machine Mary Staggs Detox in principle allows the body of the detoxikovalo itself.

How Ionic Detox cure benefits to human health?
Regular Detox baths promote natural body detoxification processes, reduce many harmful metabolites and acidosis i.e.. the acidity of the human organism, which can be measured, for example, by using the litmus paper immersed in urine. Most people recognize the advantages and the effects of the first time. People often describe feelings of well-being, equilibrium, Ascension, clarity of thinking, improved mobility and better sleep.
How is the organism detoxification safe?
There is nothing on the detoxification of hazardous, because it works with a very low electrical currents. What should I do before the baths? It is good to drink at the beginning of one to two glasses of water, which is very near the detoxication of the organism.
During the detoxification of the organism nesycená drinking plain water.
Why is added to water, salt, which is not carbonated iodine? Salt improves the conductivity of the water, which allows the optimal functioning of the electrolytic grid. Apparatus Mary Staggs Detox is equipped with a sensor, which automatically stops the progress of the detoxification is exceeded an optimum concentration of salts, which is very important for the correct operation of electrolysis.

It is possible during the treatments affect the electrolytic grid?

Detoxication of the organism apparatus Points detox-the progress of the procedure

Detoxication of the organism apparatus Points detox-the progress of the procedure

Yes, it is not at all dangerous. How Detox bath? Children and adults from the age of 13 should take the entire therapeutic bath, which takes 30 minutes. Children aged 8 to 13 years of age should cede the 20 minute therapeutic bath and children aged 5 to 8 years, only 15 minute therapeutic bath. In adult humans is a therapeutic bath, 20 minutes.

What are the recommended applications?

Therapeutic baths are especially appropriate when disorders of blood circulation, křečových, veins inflammation of the veins, cellulite, Arteritis, and pain of the joints, bad digestion, acidóze, allergy, bad function of the liver and kidneys, migraine, chronic fatigue, sclerosis, heavy metals, or signs of premature ageing.

Ionic detoxification may state the main therapeutic method?

It may, however, at the same time it can be very good complementary to other therapeutic methods such as reflexology, like homeopathy, herbal medicine it, or even a normal alopatickou medicine.

Why water sometimes contains fatty stains?

Because of the lymphatic system released the fine particles of fat, which they then float to the surface.

How to Detox bath on blood flow? After a therapeutic bath often increases the temperature by more than one degree, which points to the considerable improvement in blood circulation!
CBC after using the instrument Body DetoxCBC Detox before using Points

Detoxication of the organism apparatus Mary Staggs Points Detox
the price for one treatment (treatment time 40 minutes) 400,-CZK
price for 1 cure: (we recommend ciklus 10 treatments because of the long-term efficiency reaches-approx 6 months. A single treatment time approx 40 minutes) and 350,-CZK

What is the result of massages:

the gradual relaxation and improvement of the physical, mental and energy levels

Massage is one of the oldest and most natural treatments

Charles Jungmann-Masseur (Alliance of masseurs at hand of health of the Czech Republic)

Delete problems with Eastern methods:

  • The blockade of the entire spine
  • Pinching of the nerves in the area of the chest
  • Joint problems
  • Migraines and headaches

  • Stress, depression, nervousness, fear
  • Emotional blocks


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